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New life.

Assalamualaikum and hai peeps. Hm, hm. actually im here because wanna share about my new life.
New life? haha, im express my feelings here just because i have to practice write and speak english well. 
Thats my new activity. sharing about my life to improve my english. next month i have muet speaking test.
so that is the main reasons why i become like this. i know im broken english but at lest i try right?
haha. hey hey. this is my blog . so i can do whatever i want. hehe. 

Em, now i have to focus 200% on study. Im target 4flat for my pspm. hmm. i can 
do it. so i cant play around anymore. yes. my ups is bad. so i have to move on.
focus and start a new life. Furthermore, i want to make my parents proud of me.
I can do it. yes i can. 

How about love? grr. i have no feelings now. so forget it.
my heart broken and it will be broken and broken. nobody can repair it. haha
oh my english. okay. gtg. wanna study. Assalamualaikum.